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Horse Problem Solving

Owners can experience many problems with their horse. Helping to improve these is a very rewarding part of my job.

By using consistant, firm but non-violent techniques and understanding the psychology behind them, most problems can improve if not dissapear.

The horses environment as a whole must be taken into account and all physical and psychological aspects considered.

Often it is us, the humans, who need to change and then together we can help the horse find it easier to do as we ask.

Perhaps these are some areas in which you are experiencing problems:

  • loading
  • biting
  • barging
  • napping
  • fear of clipping
  • fear of water
  • fear of fly spray
  • spooking
  • running backwards
  • head shy
  • bridle shy
  • aggression
  • stable manners
  • ground manners
  • mounting
  • standing for the farrier
  • bucking
  • rearing